ANSYS Products

ANSYS designs, develops, markets and globally supports engineering simulation solutions used to predict how product designs will behave in manufacturing and real-world environments. Its integrated, modular and extensible set of solutions addresses the needs of organizations in a wide range of industries. ANSYS’ solutions qualify risk, enabling organizations to know if their designs are acceptable or unacceptable — not just that they will function as designed. ANSYS helps organizations achieve:

  • Innovative and high-quality products and processes
  • Fewer physical prototypes and test set-ups
  • Faster return on investment due to reduced development time
  • A more flexible and responsive information-based development process, enabling the modification of designs at later stages of development
  • A front-end simulation strategy that offers a superior method for bringing products to market in less time and with fewer costs


As the need for engineering simulation becomes a driving factor to ensure company success, more and more companies are realizing the importance of integrated solutions. ANSYS is focused on delivering a next-generation simulation system that encompasses multiple tools built to work together and be integrated into a customer’s development process.

Because the interaction among multiple physics allows users to simulate subsystem and system performance accurately and reliably, ANSYS’ goal is to develop synergies among all technologies and make increasingly powerful solutions that can be deployed throughout all stages of product development. By combining industry-leading modeling (meshing) and simulation (solver) technologies that capture the behavior of multiple physics and the effect of product environment, ANSYS provides more than a point solution. In addition to plug-in–level integration with all computer-aided design packages, ANSYS delivers a fully integrated engineering simulation system that fits seamlessly with customer product data management (PDM) backbone and other upstream/downstream applications.


ANSYS is focused on delivering a modular simulation system that is easy to use and extends to meet customer needs. Many customers begin by installing ANSYS up-front simulation tools — developed for designers and engineers — to simulate components with behavior governed primarily by single physics, such as stress or thermal. As the design matures from the early phases into final verification, there is a need for coupled-field — or multiple physics interaction — simulations, which are required to model and simulate subsystems and systems. This modular architecture makes ANSYS solutions not only affordable, but also easy to develop, test and maintain. In addition, modular solutions are a relatively low-risk investment and can expand as value is demonstrated within a company.


As the need for engineering simulation becomes commonplace, organizations require solutions that can be tailored easily to meet industry- and customer-specific needs.

To address this, the ANSYS technology platform uses industry-standard programming and scripting languages that allow ANSYS out-of-the-box solutions to be tailored quickly into vertical applications by ANSYS partners and customers. Even product designers without extensive knowledge and training on underlying simulation technologies can use vertical applications. The benefits of deploying vertical applications are well understood by ANSYS customers. Additionally, customization enables capture of design rules and corporate knowledge, resulting in improved productivity. The extensibility and customization of ANSYS core technologies and out-of-the-box solutions allow ANSYS technology and service partners to create better value for organizations.

Engineering Simulation Focused

ANSYS remains uniquely committed to the core engineering simulation technologies, which set it apart from others in the CAE industry. ANSYS’ solutions are unmatched in terms of the functionality and power necessary to optimize components, subsystems and systems. By deploying ANSYS solutions at various stages of product development, many leading organizations are leveraging digital design performance information to make timely decisions. Working with customers, technology partners and research institutions, ANSYS delivers the most robust, reliable and open commercial-grade solutions — solutions that meet the ever-growing needs of organizations worldwide.

Customer Focused

Fueling ANSYS’ vision and strategy is the feedback and input of the company’s growing base of customers, which includes the top 20 FORTUNE 100 industrial companies. In turn, ANSYS commits more than 20 percent of the company’s revenue to research and development — highest in the CAE industry. This investment allows ANSYS to deliver on its vision by developing and delivering the most innovative and powerful engineering simulation solutions with unparalleled depth. Strong and reliable customer relationships have enabled ANSYS to develop easy-to-use software solutions that align with the customer process — not forcing the process to fit the solution. Many of ANSYS’ industry-focused applications were driven by actual customer applications.