Engineering Staff

Abed M. Khaskia, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President

A specialist in finite element analysis, particularly for multi-field applications and simulations. Provided consulting and training services for more than twenty five years using ANSYS®, LS-DYNA® and other finite element and CAE programs. Prepared, managed and taught professional development courses for practicing engineers in the areas of structural, thermal and electronic cooling. Organized conferences on finite element applications in various fields for commercial and government customers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Representative consulting projects:

  1. “Finite element Analysis Comparison of Dental Implant Design”
  2. “Metal forming using ANSYS® and LS-DYNA®
  3. “Induction heating using ANSYS® electromagnetic solvers”.
  4. “Iterative Magnetic/Structural Simulation of a MEMS Micro-Shutter”
  5. “Torque Calculations for a Magnetic Coupler using ANSYS”
  6. “Magneto-static Force in a Specialty Transmission System”
  7. “Simulation of underwater explosion using Autodyn®
  8. “Drop test analysis for electronic industry”
  9. “Finite element model of a hyperelastic cup”
  10. “Piezoelectric analysis of an ink jet printer head”
  11. “Hyperelastic and viscoelastic modeling of rubber seals”

Jason D. Mareno, P.E.

Chief Consulting Engineer

Licensed Professional Engineer with 20 years of experience in product development and consulting. Specialist in structural mechanics, dynamics, and highly nonlinear problems involving contact, large deformations, plasticity and hyperelasticity. Expert in the mechanical design and analysis of consumer electronics, wireless electronics and associated enclosures. Seven U.S. patents issued, three currently pending.

Representative consulting projects:

  1. Drop and Impact analysis of complete mobile telephones and smartphones. Highly detailed representation of glass touchscreens, LCD modules, circuit boards, etc. Extreme nonlinearities and high-speed dynamics involved.
  2. Vibration analysis of retractable satellite boom exposed to intermittent thruster forces; results were implemented into an algorithm for precise, real-time positional corrections (military application).
  3. Design optimization of a pump diaphragm for the chemical processing industry; resulted in a tenfold increase of mean time to failure from 100,000 to 1 million cycles.
  4. Stress, fatigue, and crack propagation analysis of a vehicle axle for accident reconstruction and litigation.
  5. Authored and taught various customized training courses. Example: 40-hour onsite course for a major semiconductor manufacturer seeking to perform uniquely non-linear thermal stress calculations.
  6. Optimization of a hyperelastic needleless valve for the medical industry.

Michael P. Owen, Ph.D.

Principal Consulting Engineer

Ph.D. physicist and CFD, Electromagnetic and Multifield Applications Specialist. Experienced in the use of implicit and explicit industrial and custom CFD codes, custom FORTRAN CFD implementation, massively parallel CFD applications, as well as ANSYS electromagnetic solutions. Experienced in multifield simulation including fluid-structure interaction, conjugate heat transfer, and electromechanical devices. Ph. D. in physics (astrophysics) 2003, North Carolina State University – Hydrodynamics of Mass Transfer and Accretion in Close Binary Systems With Compact Objects.

Representative consulting projects:

  1. “Analysis of a Water Cooled Electric Motor”
  2. “Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis of a Forced Argon Heat Exchanger”
  3. “Electromechanical Analysis of a Solenoid Operated Purge Valve”
  4. “Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of a Ball Mill Journal Bearing”
  5. “Analysis of Cooling in a Power Electronics Cabinet”
  6. “Transient Analysis of a Pneumatic Nail Gun”
  7. “Aerodynamic Analysis of a Solar Panel Array”

Chris J. Kennedy

Principal Consulting Engineer

Expert in using ANSYS for over twenty-two years, including experience with thermal-structural, dynamics, metal forming, optimization, customization, and integrating applications. Also 12 years experience applying Pro/Engineer to new product development, and providing training and PDM integration. Experience includes nuclear pressure vessel analyses, electrical connector design, lifting products, MEMS structures, and silicon fabrication technology. Conducted finite element applications training at university short courses. Expert in UNIX & Linux operating systems.

Representative consulting projects:

  1. “Virtual Prototyping of a Leaf Spring modification of the micro relay”.
  2. “Thermal analysis of rotary face seal in jet fuel pump assembly”.
  3. “Pro/Engineer-applied to new product development for motion control products”
  4. “Seismic analysis of telecommunications equipment cabinets”
  5. “FEA simulation of 3D Woven Composite Unit Cell structures”
  6. “Simulation of micron flip chip assembly machine”
  7. “Acoustic wave propagation in two-stroke engine exhaust expansion chambers”

Wesley D. Ballew

Consulting Engineer

Extensive background in finite element analysis coordinated with laboratory testing in research, prototyping, and product development settings. Over 10 years experience in multi-scale simulations of fiber-reinforced composite structures in military and transportation applications. Skilled in modeling atypical materials including shape memory alloys, balsa wood, fragmented concrete, as well as both closed and open-celled foams.

Representative consulting projects:

  1. “Finite element analysis of a fiber-reinforced bridge deck system”
  2. “Prototype and sub-structure testing applied to finite element modeling of a lightweight composite freight trailer”
  3. “Thermo-mechanical simulation of shape memory alloy geometries for endovascular stents”
  4. “Modeling of high-speed steel projectiles impacting and penetrating concrete slabs”

Daniel W. Kramer

Consulting Engineer

Strong background in nonlinear dynamics and MEMS fabrication and design. Graduated with a certificate in micro and nano systems engineering. Experience with multi-physics dynamic modeling using finite element analysis and other numerical methods. Proficient in statistical modeling including stochastic systems and Monte Carlo analysis.

Representative technical work:

  1. “Pull-in dynamics of a MEMS cantilever under the effect of noise”
  2. “Novel-geometry high-energy-density supercapacitor design”
  3. “Evaluation of the effect of different geometries on the stiction of a fixed-fixed microscale beam”
  4.  Fatigue life prediction for a power plant stack subject to vortex shedding and aeroelastic flutter

Matthew J. Mehalic

Technical Sales Manager

Specialist in structural analysis using ANSYS®. Proficient with various CAD systems including Pro/ENGINEER® (Creo Elements/Pro®)Wildfire. Highly skilled in static, modal, harmonic, transient dynamic, random vibration, and non-linear analyses, particularly in the military/commercial transportation and material handling industries. Extensive experience training users in ANSYS® and providing clients with consulting services.

Representative consulting projects:

  1. “Harmonic and Transient Shock Response of an Electronic Equipment Rack and Isolation System”
  2. “Explicit Dynamics Drop Test Analysis of a Specialty Shelf”
  3. “Full Transient Response of Vehicle Traversing a Speed Bump”
  4. “Static, Modal, and Harmonic Analyses of Various Motor/Compressor Frames on Railcar locomotives”
  5. “Rail Impact, Drop Test, Air Transport of a Communications Shelter for the Military”

Shawn A. Catlin

Senior Technical Sales Engineer

Highly experienced in the integration of design and analysis using CAD systems to create designs and finite element programs to evaluate compliance with specified requirements. Highly skilled in the use of Creo® (formerly Pro/ENGINEER®) and ANSYS® programs. Certified by Parametric Technology Corp. as an instructor on the Pro/ENGINEER line of products. Authorized by ANSYS Inc. as an instructor on all ANSYS® products.

Representative consulting projects:

  1. ” Creo® (formerly Pro/ENGINEER®) implementation”
  2. “Custom ANSYS® interface for modeling of customer specific products”
  3. “Analysis of a rail wheel and Onsite mentoring”
  4. “Evaluation of stiffeners for reducing noise from horizontal vibrating screens”

Scott A. Marinus

Technical Sales Engineer

Skilled with ANSYS for structural and CFD analysis as well as CAD/CAM tools to facilitate design and manufacturing. Skilled with Pro/ENGINEER® (Creo Elements/Pro®) and Catia® for creating virtual prototypes of products and processes. 10 years of aerospace experience involving system design and project management.Representative consulting projects:

  1. “Viscous heating analysis of non-Newtonian polymer extrusion”
  2. “Conjugate heat transfer analysis of two phase oil-gas flow”
  3. “Flow field analysis of lamella plate settling/filtering system”
  4. “Structural analysis of automotive turbo-charger”
  5. “Structural analysis of aerospace flexible pneumatic joint”
  6. “Structural analysis of large scale naval air-handling system”

Sunil Acharya, PhD

Technical Sales Engineer

Over 15 years of industry experience in numerical simulation applications for product design and development and process modeling with commercial and self developed codes. Strong background in constitutive model development and numerical (FEA, CFD) implementation including applications to metals, polymers, composites and bio-materials. Experience in multiscale contact mechanics development with applications to polymer friction and wear modeling. Experience in experimental techniques for material characterization and surface physics.

Representative consulting projects:

  1. “Economic design of seals with elastomer nano-composites.”
  2. “Diffusion induced stresses in solid gels for anti-pollution measure.”
  3. “Creep-damage prediction tools for high temperature composites.”
  4. “Development of bio-resorbable punctal plugs.”

James R. Bosnik, Ph.D.

Technical Services Manager

Broad experience in many areas of finite element analysis, including implicit and explicit dynamics, structural nonlinearities, and heat transfer. Specialist in computational fluid dynamics. Extensive experience in ANSYS® customization and in training users of ANSYS® and CFX®.

Representative consulting projects:

  1. “Aerodynamic drag analysis of two truck body designs”
  2. “Automated finite element analysis of paper dryer crowns”
  3. “Dynamic simulation of a falling object protective structure test”
  4. “Finite element stress analysis of a spinal implant”
  5. “Automated finite element analysis of an aircraft arrestment system”
  6. “Dynamic analysis of high-speed wire braiding mechanisms”
  7. “Automation of Core Analysis Processes”

Michael D. Rife

Technical Support Engineer

Experienced analyst with over ten years’ experience in ANSYS®, LS-DYNA® and other analysis tools. Is a specialist in non-linear structural, heat transfer and multi-field analysis using ANSYS® and explicit dynamic analysis using LS-DYNA®. Has professional consulting and end-user training experience.

Representative consulting projects:

  1. “Explicit dynamic analysis of the Radioisotope Thermal-electric Generator powering the NASA New Horizons mission to Pluto, January 2006.”
  2. “Analysis of Super-Plastically formed titanium aircraft components.”
  3. “Simulations in support of the redesign of a pool pump housing.”
  4. “Multi-field analysis of a Thermal-Electric Unicouple.”

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